Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Making of Mothers

"It's not just the making of babies, but the making of mothers that midwives see as the miracle of birth."

-- Barbara Katz Rothman,
Sociologist, Author of The Tentative Pregnancy,
Genetic Maps and Human Imaginations
and other books.

Ina May Gaskin has this quote up on her site:
as the "quote of the week," and I just couldn't resist posting it here.

It's so true. People ask me how midwifery care is different from seeing an OB for a monthly prenatal check-up. Sometimes it's hard to articulate exactly what it is about the Midwives Model of Care that compels mothers who have experienced it to do almost anything to find a midwife for their next pregnancy. People in the medical field are baffled as they almost never come back to the obstetrical model of care. Why?

This quote sums it up, I believe.

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