Monday, February 25, 2008

Daylight Section

After receiving the email from our mutual friend about her new grand baby's delivery, my friend wrote the following poem, which she has given me permission to share with you...

Daylight section

Your baby is here!

What an awesome blessing!



You hear

7 lbs, 3 oz baby girl

Healthy, full head of hair

Your baby is here!

You should be so happy!

Broken water

Ticking time-clock

Fetal monitor, pitocin drop

Doesn’t matter now, be happy!

Rejoice, rejoice, your baby is here!

Happy, healthy, full head of hair.

Tied down, trussed up, starved and drugged

Lied to, terrified, heart tones dropped?

But your baby is here, you should be happy,


They did their best for you


Your baby is here.

Prepped for surgery, shaved and scrubbed

Catheters, monitors, gaping wound

Daylight section

Beautiful baby extracted

A good outcome, no distress after all


…and condolences.

This poem is dedicated to Sofia, Noelle and all the others
who have been cut from their mother’s womb for no good reason

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