Friday, November 28, 2008

Unassisted Childbirth... coming soon

I'm still working on my article on Unassisted Childbirth.

If you have any articles, links, blogs, etc that you'd like to forward my way, I'm looking for some real life examples of why women have chosen to birth this way and what motivates them to avoid using anyone who has any kind of formal childbirth training. Send them to me at: betterbirth4you {at} gmail {dot} com. Thank you!

In the mean time though, here's a birth story for you...


CandlebyNight said...

I was thinking about this. Mary, you have a wealth of info right around you. Terri W. has been to tons of UC's and is very knowledgeable about it and birth. I'm a UC'er and so is Susan W., Ronnie S. I know several families in our church that UC.

Augusta Cherri said...

I've had two UCs and am very glad I did so.